Learning Formats and Credentials

Learning Formats offered by Continuing Education at the University of Windsor

In-person Instruction:
A traditional classroom setting involving face-to-face interactions between instructors and learners.

Online Classroom
A real-time, synchronous, instructor-led class conducted through online platforms during specified dates and times, with interactive engagement with the instructor and fellow learners.

Online - Asynchronous Learning
Learners engage with pre-recorded modules and complete assignments at their convenience within a designated timeframe. Guidance is provided by an instructor throughout the course duration.

Self-Paced Learning
Independent learning on a flexible schedule within defined start and end dates. Lessons are pre-recorded, and access to learning materials is available through the online platform until the course's completion.

Online Blended
Real-time, synchronous, instructor-led classes combined with self-directed learning to complete the course.

Credentials offered by Continuing Education at the University of Windsor

Certificate of Completion
A comprehensive certificate program incorporating assessments, such as quizzes, exams, projects, reports, or assignments, to evaluate learners' comprehension and application of course content. Typically includes an attendance component. Learners receive a grade of “Complete” or “Incomplete”.

Certificate of Participation
A certificate program emphasizing active participation and regular attendance without formal assessments. Learners receive a grade of “Attended” or “Not Attended”.

Industry-recognized credentials signifying a specific level of achievement within a particular trade or industry. Examples include Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Siemens Mechatronics Certification. Learners typically receive a percentage grade on the certification exam.

Course or program offered as additional knowledge or topic review and is not graded.

Depending on the program, certificates and certifications can be issued as a micro-credential. A micro-credential certifies the learning outcomes for specific skills, knowledge or competencies and aligns with industry/professional needs or develop generalized skills. It is not a replacement for degree-level courses.

The University of Windsor Continuing Education partners with MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ to safely and conveniently store and issue digital credentials.