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Independent Practicum

The Independent Practicum is offered through Continuing Education at the University of Windsor and aims to support individuals completing an accredited TESL/TESOL program by providing a practicum placement.

The Practicum includes both, observation and teaching hours in the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP), the English for academic purpose pathway to the University of Windsor.

Observation and teaching sessions are accompanied with in-depth feedback sessions to optimize teaching skills.

  • Individuals pursuing a TESOL Diploma through a recognized institution and requiring a Practicum placement to fulfill the diploma requirements of their program.
  • Individuals who have completed the required coursework of the TESOL Diploma program.
  • Proof of coursework completion (transcript and official course outlines).
  • Confirmation from the TESOL Diploma provider institution that the Independent Practicum will fulfill the program’s Practicum requirements.
  • 30 Observation hours of English for academic purpose classes (three English language proficiency levels).
  • 20 Teaching hours in one English for academic purpose level.
  • Regular feedback sessions
  • Formative evaluation
  • Final evaluation

Practicum supervisor and mentor information will be provided at the beginning of the program.

Please contact continue@uwindsor.ca for details.

The Independent Practicum fee of $650 includes:

  • $150 - Non-refundable Registration Fee
  • $500 - Practicum fee

Hira, a former Independent Practicum student"I have recently completed TESOL independent practicum program from The University of Windsor. Overall, my experience was amazing.

What I like the most about this program is that my supervisor reviewed each lesson before I taught the lesson to my class and provided me detailed feedback which helped me to teach the lesson in an effective way. Moreover, my supervisor also provided detailed and constructive feedback at the end of my teaching lessons. Not only this feedback helped me to enhance my teaching skills and knowledge, but it also increased my motivation to teach English and fully enhanced my knowledge. I would say that when I was doing this program, I was learning every day and improving my skills each day.

I would recommend this TESOL independent practicum program to people who want to complete TESOL practicum because this is the best TESOL independent practicum program, and it will prepare you for the practical world and the skills that you will develop through this program will enable you to get your dream job."

- Hira, completed the Independent Practicum in Intersession 2022

"My overall experience with the TESOL Independent program at UWindsor was both fulfilling and highly informative. I chose it because Windsor has a reputation for offering a myriad of helpful ESL educational programs, and this one certainly lived up to that. One thing I really appreciate about this program is the amount of time and detail devoted to feedback. Even in just a few short weeks, I was able to greatly improve on my teaching skills thanks to advice from my supervisor. If I was to suggest enrolling to a friend, I would certainly mention the stellar feedback and quality of education. I would also be sure to bring up the high level of support and encouragement of creativity in planning lessons. I think having this opportunity not only helped me to become a better educator, but also helped me to realize how fun it is! I truly cannot recommend it enough."

-Haylee, completed the Independent Practicum in Intersession 2022



If you have any questions, please contact continue@uwindsor.ca and put "Independent Practicum" as the email subject.