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Writing Foundations – Improve Precision

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Writing Foundations is delivered through four consecutive workshops, each one focusing on key topics that will provide you with the skills necessary to enhance your writing for a variety of purposes.

Honing skills in effective written communication is key in any educational or workplace setting. Whether you are a student or working toward a specific career goal, professors, and employers alike, place a high value on writing that is clear, concise, persuasive, and accessible to all readers.

Why you should take this workshop series:

  • Enhance your written communication skills
  • Identify and correct the top 10 sentence structure errors in your written work
  • Present the facts through concise writing
  • Improve writing to deliver clear and professional content
  • Learn how to accurately cite sources
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Professionals

This course features small class sizes, individual attention directed to learners from a variety of backgrounds and levels. Whether you want to hone your professional skills, improve your skills for your career or if you are a student wanting to ace your next assignment, this is a great course for all. 

Module 1

  • Introduction/ Ice breaker
  • Writing in a high-tech world
  • Characteristics of Effective Writing
  • Reports vs. Essays
  • Error Analysis based on writing sample (previously submitted)
  • In-class Writing Assignment based on prompt (20 mins)

Module 2

  • Top 20 Writing problem spots
  • Error Analysis based on in-class Writing Sample from Module 1
  • Writing the Grad Thesis

Module 3

  • Top 10 Sentence Structure Errors
  • Citing Sources

Module 4

  • Rules of Punctuation
  • Thesis Statements
  • Effective E-mails

Live, online, interactive learning with hands on activities.

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The course fee is $149 + HST. 

UWindsor students, staff, alumni, and Hire UWindsor Partners are eligible for a discount. Email continue@uwindsor.ca for the discount code.

Picture of David Owen

David Owen - BA (Hons), MA, TESL

David Owen started his teaching at the University of Windsor in 2001, as a Writing Consultant, an Instructor of Technical Writing for Engineering (85-118), an English Language Instructor (EAP), and TESOL Supervisor and Mentor.

He has also conducted in-class writing seminars for professors, facilitated workshops and tutorials for students, and provided editing services for university faculty. He is committed to supporting students in developing strategies to become competent and autonomous writers.


  • Learners will be expected to have:
  • Experience working with word processing, email and web browsing
  • English language proficiency
  • Successfully completed a Secondary School Diploma

Learners must attend a minimum of 3 out of the 4 classes to receive a Certificate of Participation.

This class will be offered online through Microsoft Teams. Learners will require access to a computer with high-speed internet access.

Microsoft Teams

Instructional time will be held on Microsoft Teams. As a student of this course, the University of Windsor will provide you with access to Microsoft Teams if you do not already have access.

As a University of Windsor student you can use your UWinID and password to register for the course and access Microsoft Teams. If you have any issues, please contact continue@uwindsor.ca.

Microsoft Teams is available in three versions including desktop, web and mobile app. The Microsoft Teams desktop app is available for both Windows 7 and 10 and macOS 10.10 or later. On Windows, Teams requires .NET framework 4.5 or later; the Teams installer will offer to install it for you if you don't have it. If you are unable to install Desktop App, you can use web version of Teams. In addition, Microsoft Teams mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it from your respective app store on the device. Full instructions will be provided before the course start.

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