International Trade and Border Management Program

International Trade and Border Management

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Watch the video below to see Dr. Bill Anderson and Laurie Tannous of the Cross-Border Institute illustrate the importance of the International Trade and Border Management Program

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This online offering builds knowledge about how trade and borders work at a detailed level, exposing learners to nuances of the cross-border movement of goods, services, people and funds necessary to operate a successful, globally-oriented business or to execute the functions of government agencies with trade responsibilities. 

Each module, taken in succession, link together to provide a comprehensive framework for managing export, import and border processes from the perspectives of both trading firms and government agencies. Learners with a fundamental knowledge of trade rules, logistics, border operations and cross-border finance may benefit from taking individual modules to strengthen specific knowledge in each area. 

Why you should take this program:

  • Outstanding instructors - each instructor is a renown expert in the field with first-hand experience and real-time knowledge to share.
  • Timing is everything - never before has the focus on cross border management and trade been at the forefront than it is right now. 
  • Career change and advancement - adding this credential and the acquired skill set it brings will open doors and opportunities in a variety of fields. 
  • Flexible, online learning

Who should take this program:

  • Anyone dealing with the cross border movement of goods, services, people or funds.
  • Organizations big or small dealing with logistics, legal, immigration, government or financial operations across borders.